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*Cracken nodded, and snapped his com up*
Tojo, you may commence. *he turns to Rwos* The battle here might involve forces that could devestate the planets surface, killing many civilians and innocents. It's wise to get as many off as we can before and during our struggle.

*As if on que, hundreds Transports jumped in to support the fleet of Star Destroyers and 4 Super Star Destroyers. Many of them were large military transports empited of thier ammunition and equipment to help get as many people off of the Imperial Center as possible. They all made was to the planet, where the NR military set up que's of species, checking them all one by one for infection, and letting them on to transports. Imperial star fighters screamed overhead, giving cover and escort to the evacuation ships.*

*Cracken looked at Rwos*
Out the window? excuse me, not all of us here have wings.

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