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No spam coming from a guy who registered 3 months ago and already has 1000 posts.

Also, I would like to say that it was not perverse. It was a bit of fun. There were no naked pictures of men or women (although i do think there was one censored pic). And I'm also pretty sure that people are not going to come here, see the word porn along with a few harmless pictures and say "Hey guys, this site has porn on it, lets be the perverts we are and stay here." it will not attract perverts. That said, it probably won't attract young children, but with the amout of swearing and innuendo not to mention the much worse sex related talk elsewhere on LF, they're not fit to be here anyway and if they do come along, then that's there choice. The pictures suggested a pornographic nature, just like most other things on this forum does (I remember not too long ago, a link-on about my favorite game ruined when someone started throwing disgusting and graphic sex into it and then everyone else followed on with it, trust me, much worse.) Jeese, just lay it to rest will you? Compared with what I read in other places, this is just a thorn in the rosebush.

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