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((However there isn't any sunlight so he still could be hidden...))

Asgard: Valhalla

*After welcoming the Drakes back Odin goes into his palace where he is greeted by a com from one of his Valkyries.*

Valkyrie: Good evening Lord. We have caught a Formorian. Lady Athena has said you were to be given the choice on his fate.

Odin: Please extend my thanks to the Lady for the honor. Has the Fomorian been interogated?

Valkyrie: Yes sire.

Odin: Remove his legs and send them to Tartarus. Otherwise keep him alive for further interogations.

Valkyrie: It shall be done.

Odin: Good luck.

Valkyrie: Good night sire.

Odin: Good night.

*Odin then calls another Valkyrie. After a brief converstation, Odin dispatches some orders*


*In a tower; a little away from the tower that Rwos and the Others were on, Hildr, a valkyrie watches the group through a powerful scope. Her com unit then goes off, answering it...*

Hildr: Yes?

Valkyrie: Lord Odin is pulling us out. We have just finished installing the last of the new monitoring equipment.

Hildr: Good. When we will still have eyes and ears when we leave the planet. Did Lord Odin say anything about how we should leave.

Valkyrie: Yes, a small task force is being sent to pick us.

Hildr: Good. I'll continue to watch the tower. Have a ship pick me up here.

Valkyrie: Understood.

Space above Coruscant

*A small Aesirian taks force consisting of the Disen and another destroyer 3 cruisers, and 4 frigates disengages their slipstream drives at the edge of the system. Making a small hyperspace jump the task force arrives at Coruscant. Svafa was on the bridge of her flagship the Disen. Looking out at th evacuation.

Svafa: remain decloaked. I don't want any civilians running into our ships. Launch two transports and have a flight of raptors escort them.

*From the Disen's hangar bay two transports leave and four Raptors. (Raptors are space superiority fighters). The ships fly into Coruscants atmosphere. They fly directly over the tower the group was on. 1 Raptor heads moves away from the transports to pick up Hildr*

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