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RH Irvine: *picking up his own suit.* "Well if your talking about that, and I can assume that myself and my aquaintence here are with ya for as long as it these events take place, heck I sure don't have anything else better to do. But anyway, if it means 'Light VS Dark', we should just assume that means us and who ever sides along us. Maybe we could manage for check Yavin, for some Jedi to help, unless..."

WH Irvine: "Yes, I know it's cold to say, but I don't think Yavin made it. Besides, why are you calling me 'your aquaintence'."

RH Irvine: "Temper..."

*A few sweat beads form on WH Irvine's face.*

*RH Irvine walks a little bit away from the group, and around the ship. He takes off his top robe, showing him wearing an regular shirt underneath, and having a same body type as his clone. He puts the armour on over the shirt, like the others, the armour is light and flexable. After he puts on the gauntlets, he also is astonised at the morphing of the armour.*

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