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Svafa: Yes, if this is indeed about the Sith, then that line refers to our hunters. You would never had heard about them. When we found one of their bases a group would go in and eliminate them. Then curses would be written on the walls. This was really to frighten any sith to go to that base after we left.

Heimdall: You should know better then anyone else, you did lead a couple of the hunter packs.

Anyways. Let's see. Heart of the cursed, that would have to mean a sith temple. A large one at that, not many would be on desolate worlds. Well?

Asgardreid: Hold on. The galaxy is a big...was a big place. This will take a second. We have one world that matches the criteria of housing a large Sith Temple, and outside the Sith the world is desolate.

Idun: Care to tell us the name?

Asgardreid: I was getting to that. Had I not be so rudley interrupted. Now I don't know if I'm going to tell you.

Heimdall: Just tell us.

Asgardreid: No sense of humor. The world is named Dagon Fel.

Svafa: I remember that place. I lead the raid on that temple myself. It held a very large contingent of Sith. Only Yavin had a larger amount. It also fits. The world has a very slow rotation, I believe it takes 2 years for a complete rotation....

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