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*RH Irvine removes his robed pants, which underneath these were also a casual pair of clothing. Recreational pair of pants he wore underneath were far more flexable to wear then the robed ones, used mostly for important events. He didn't plan on going to another one again in a long while.*

RH Irvine: "Damn, now I have to make sure I can get myself an extra pair of clothing. Oh well."

*RH Irvine combs his hair, then ties it up, keeping a few strains in the front out of the tie. he rejoins the group with his 'outer' clothes wraped up underneath his arm. His belt had his Lightsaber. As he walked out he seemed more athletic and strudier as a fighter then before.*

RH Irvine: "That thing about Siths and red sabers. Its exactly how, um,..." *trying to remember name* "Misae, true, its just more prefered by Sith to use red. Color is just color to me honestly. But I'm of course am no Sith."

*RH Irvine rolls eyes, and pulls out his lightsaber and ignites it showing the crystal was infact red.* "Call it something that might of had ran in the family..."

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