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Originally posted by Neil Joshi
I got two seperate sentances and interlaced them with each other not once did I say that that you spam a lot.

Okay, fine a cheap way of getting out of that, sorry for the misjudgement, won't happen again.

But you have to admit, that was pretty fast, took me about a year to get to a thousand, I registered a;lmost two years ago and yet still, people race past me in post counts (not that I care about them). I'm not (now) saying that you spam, you probably have a lot to say, but hey, easy assumption to make, not many can do what you do in three months.

Sorry again.
Ok mate. It's ok. And i know, 1000 posts is alot. It's so easy to post for me, proper replys. With the support for SWG building up, more and more threads are comming up in my home.

Meaning more threads to post in.
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