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*Fused Irvine make sit up to the top level.*

Twin Irvine Voice: "You let them get away!"

Fused Irvine: "No, you let them get away by stalling me!"

Twin Irvine Voice: "We did nothing of the sort, we do not control your movements, unless you'd like that to change?"

Fused Irvine: "What the F**k? You're nuts."

Twin Irvine Voice: "At least I'm not talking to myself."

*Fused Irvine sees a shattered mirror with a few images of himself, only three pieces he can make out himself...*

*In one piece he sees himself, normaly. He peers into another one, this time a more pieceful and more innocent and confused version of himself. Lastly he looks into a thrid piece, himself but with a snearing twisted grin on his face.*

*With these images he becomes confused and freaked out at this experence.*

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