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((Red: You had someone turn up on Coruscant, kill a Vampire and thentake the soul. After that he went to Freedon VII and Vampified the assassin that tried to kill Orthos. You made it clear that Vampires were running amuck, so by now the planet must be swarming.))

*Hal wanders off to his quarters, mutting something about Asier being totally in-human. When he gets to his quarters hew stows the armor in a locker without hesitation.

Hal then sits on his bed and begins to meditate.*

Flax: You know she will fall.

Hal: I don't know that. She's been through a lot.

Flax: She can't cope, she wallows in self pity. She should not have been trained.

Hal: That was her master's perogative.

Flax: You know she tried to kill herself.

Hal: She had a moment of weakness.

Flax: Not a moment. I will go to her.

Hal: Wait.... *Flax dissapears.*


Flax: Misae, we need to talk.

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