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((OOS: Whoa. Major red flag. That would quite certainly be godmoding, BD - it's also quite a leap from being able to 'smash two Star Destroyers together'. Flax is a Jedi, not a god (or Aege ).

Also, I don't think I quite understand. Scar's character can't vaporize your Knights, yet your character can make a sun go supernova with a thought? o_O

Also Gilian flew away...and you didn't mention Flax following...

btw: I'm also surprised you didn't have Flax call Gilian on her supposed "expertise" on a planet she's ony been on a few weeks ))


Rwos: *to Cracken* ...What? Dimensional rifts? You survived the Crimson Star II exploding?

Starr: I was meaning to explain...the other Blade I spoke of. He and another created the Vanguards that I'm sure you've heard of. Cracken and Alys were inside the Crimson Star II fighting them when it exploded.

Rwos: He created the Vanguard?

Starr: Yes...and he incorporated some sort of dimensional teleportation technology. At least, that was what I understood from the thoughts of his I could read. He knew something about a "dimensional disturbance" that occured when the CSII blew up.

Rwos: *realizing* This is how Cracken and Alys survived?

Starr: I thought as much. But...*looks at Cracken* You haven't told me. How did you get back here? And why can I sense Alys like I was sensing you...but you alone have come back?


Ulna Shardes

*Farran, Artemis and a plethora of droids have rapidly gutted Farran's sanctuary. The contents were being loaded into a large, unusually-shaped transport that appeared something like a spider made of rectangular blocks*

Farran: We're leaving here. As fast as possible. To where...well, I don't know that, yet...

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