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*to Starr and Rwos*

it was odd. i could sense Alys, but for some reason, i coullnd't get to her. I awoke in a white enviroment, only to find this little insolent girl, who kept taunting me. Starr can elaborate to you what happens when insolent people taunt me. but that's beside the point. She brought me here, leaving me with only more questions, ones which i thought you *points his finger at Rwos* could answer. Why was i brought back, and not her? how can i find her, and....why am i suddenly "blessed" if you will, with powers beyond the Force?

...were headed in the opposite direction of...
*turns to Gilian* you're headed to one of the minor libraries. turn around and go to the Jedi Archives. It has a larger store of information dating back to the begining of teh Old Republic.

*aside, quietly, in a mild mocking tone* Mr. i know everything about this planet....

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