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((Redwing, the ability to do something and the willingness are two very different things. Flax wouldn't blow up a star for several reasons.

1. The amount of concentration it would take would require weeks of uninterupted meditation.

2. It would most definatly be a dark side act.

3. It would probably kill him.

Sith have been known to destroy stars, it happened in TotJ, I believe.

As to Scar not killing the knights, that was an RPG issue, I'm perfectly happy that it would have been within the bounds of his character's power.

While we're on this, Flax could have killed Sertmor and Vertmor quite easily, all he would have had to do was to force push them agaist a wall and decapitate them. Hal could have used a concussion rifle on the army of vamps. I could have vetoed Kvana's re-activation of the shields. Since the overload causes a blowout and the componants usually have to be replaced, or backups brought on line while they cool down.

At any rate I will be with drawing from this RPG at the earliest oppatunity, since it has just become a mess of god moding, counter godmoding and total codswollop.))

Dissclaimer: I do not exclude my self from the final statement, call me when Deac goes after Reletha and you've gotten rid of all the Vamps and Wizards. Leave that in the fantasy RPG's, this is Star Wars.

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