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Better hack plots than stupid plots. This RPG has become too convaluted, there are too many characters, too many threads. I've got nothing against Vampires but if they can just appear anywhere using a spell then the whole thing sucks. My idead was withdraw all the military and the affulant and then turn the Capital into an apocaliptic underworld. Our heros must survive in a now practically lawless and decididly hostile world.

The whole storline has turned into a pissing contest.

1. Scar indroduces Vampire.

2. Vampire goes to Coruscant, goes to Library and manages to find what he's looking for despite coming from a planet that neither reads nor speaks basic.

3. Vampire creates dozens of followers in space of hours.

4. Scar tries to turn Jedi.

5. I have to turn Flax into the leader of an acient Vampire hunter's cult, since no-one els has a clue. At this point I'd like to point out that if it wasn't for Flax and Co Vertmor would be ruling the planet and Deac and co would be running scared; since it took so long for Redwing to come up with something.

6. Scar revives tow more Vamps, one controlled by Redwing, in order to bring about an apocalipse.

7. In order for our heros to understand at all who they are up against I bring in the imortal Vampire hunter, and his Vampire Ex, just for interest.

8. Escalating pissing contest.

9. All semblance of plot goes to facilitate said contest.

10. Redwing comes up with blocking out the sun, WTF?

11. Cracken and I try to counter, arse wipping.

12. Even more rediculess pissing.

13. Sun blocked.

14. Flax thrown off a 15km high sky scraper.

15. We can't blockade the planet because they'll just leave through a hole in space.

16. That brings us up to speed.

Now I know I've done some of the pissing but we really should try and keep some sort of grip here.

Oh, Scar, how will a Vampire resist the limitless power of the force holding him to a wall. The only way is to counter it with the force. Since the Vampires are dead flesh they cannot use the force.

Something everbody has lost track of:

The Jedi are the greatest in the universe, at everthing. You cannot better them, some Vampires certainly don't stand a chance, not against a fully trained and pre-pared Jedi Kinght.

If you don't agree with me I suggest you stop using Star Wars as a platform for every "cool" idea you come up with. This applies more to Scar than anyone else. Redwing has an excuse, his characters come from a different dimention.

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