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((Resist equals minor teleportation that I believe that I had specified when I listed some of the abilities that my race of vamps have.

And for the record NOT ALL JEDI ARE PREFECT!! Not only that you're also talking about a Post-Galatic Civil War era, in which the New Jedi Order (which I'm not sure its filly in this RPG or not) was rebuild by Luke, whom wasn't fully trained (I think this one's obvious). Frankly I could care less about being given a history lesson about it.

I based Vertmor on a cross between Anna Rice's vamps and Legacy Of Kain vamps. While a fledgeling vampire would be quite weakend when he turns a human into a vampire, a much, much older one can turn quite a few. That number can vary, due to which ever or not if the Vampire had fed or not between turnings.
The whole turning Jedi into Force Vamps, I dumped. I never got anywhere with it.
And as for Vertmor does or does not speaking Basic, that was never specified in neither c8/c9 or Mrear or Mrear 2. And that goes for the same as any character the came from Mrear.

And yes, I think it is agreed universely that new ideas other then mystical creatures should be in the next 'doomsday'. Fankly I'm attempting so with my very own Fused Irvine becoming a complete nut, who else has something, minus whats going on with Cracken.))

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