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((OOS: No reaction description, Cracken.

Also his clothes are 18th century style. Ish. His armor isn't ^.^))

*The man dodges, inhumanly quick*

Man: What you are matters not. *He fires a glowing net at Cracken, distracting him for a moment, and leaps from the balcony down to the ground level*

Gilian: *staring* Cyrus Duncan. How...

Duncan: Enelya. The Angel Scourge. Isn't that what they called you? What are you doing here?

Gilian: I'm not... *Duncan fires his crossbow at her. In an instant, her sword is out, blocking the green-glowing bolt. The bolt flies into the wall, burning a hole there*

Duncan: You're a Blade as interesting. I was told the Blades were warriors for good and justice. I remember you used take such delight in killing those who stood for such things...

Gilian: And I remember you used to work with men.

*Anger shows on the man's face. He shoots at Gilian again. She dodges*

Rwos: Stop this. Who are you?

Starr: Whoever he is, he's dead.

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