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Ulna Shardes

*Farran startles, hearing Kioet behind him. Then he smiles*

Farran: Well, I'm not losing everything from that life, at least...and I'm not being chased away this time. *seeing that Kioet has no idea what he's talking about* About your suit. I don't know how well I can fix it, but it should be back in good condition at least, if not full power. At least for the moment. I wonder what will happen to the Vanguard now that no one's around to control them, or make more...

*The ship prepares to enter warp-space. The engine begins powering up...

Then, suddenly, the ship jolts, and the engine glow dims*

Farran: What's happening?

Artemis: *showing a view of the outside of the ship - with several smaller craft surrounding it* We have a problem! And company, it seems...

Farran: What? This is - or was - a top-of-the-line cloaking device. Who are they?

Artemis: They couldn't be...

Farran: *finishes* No, not Blades. But who?

Artemis: They're...they're hailing us.

*A holographic image of a tall woman in a business suit appears on a platform in the center of the deck* Greetings, Ariel Kasen. Or is it Farran Darkholme now?

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