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((Yes, but show me where EXACTLY that tells where and what spots a vampire's maximum abilties are? What do I have to base on if I don't have any hard guide lines? Under this explanation, I have to second guess myself to what I orignally thought how powerful a vampire would be, not only that, if they are as powerful as you say they would be. They'd be a decent match agenst a jedi, in a few numbers. How ever! I made the rule about the age of the vampire early on that depending on the age of the vampire, his 'gifts', 'powers' and 'natural abilties' would increase, over time.

Vertmor Sertmor are brothers, even when human. They are at the same level, how ever they are still VERY VERY old vampire. Not 300-400 year old ones. I'm talking about 4-5 thousand year old vamps. Vorador is about 8-9 thousand, but which can't be really recorded since he's trapped inside a sword...

Their age's even though I haven't clearly thought of an appropreate age for them yet. But this also goes back to Mrear 2, cus Vertmor, Sertmor AND YES Kvana will somewhere die, and be held by Spectures for nearly an eternity til c9))

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