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((OOS: That's alright @ BD. And no, I didn't realize that bit about Flax. Don't think it was ever mentioned. Curious: did you create your character for purposes other than this RPG? Most of mine were, and I'm kind of getting that vibe off of Sophae and Flax. ^_^

However, I must disagree that Jedi have to represent the top end of power. After all, a central theme of this RPG has been the Avatars, and they are certainly more powerful than your average Jedi.

And in the NJO, Vong clearly are more powerful than your average Jedi.

I guess my point is, since this RPG isn't based on Jedi, people should have the freedom to create new players that can match or overpower Jedi. I think we've stayed in acceptable parameters - i.e. Admiral's Aesir come from outside the outer regions, all the vampires come from millennia in the past (perhaps before the Force existed), most of my characters come from another dimension, the Avatars are from higher planes of existence, and everything else (such as the Vanguard) can be chalked up to new technology.

Scar: I don't understand why you're arguing, as since you killed all your oldest vampires it's irrelevant now ))

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