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*Cracken teleports between Irvine and Duncan, and round houses Duncan to the head. WHAT IN THE HELL!? He dodged it!!!!!!!! Cracken crated a force push that extended 10 ft up, and 10 ft sideways, in hoeps he could knock the guy off his feet for a few seconds. He turns to Irvine.*

You and Starr go help Gilian find what she needs. The rest of us will stay here. Go! NOW!

Gilian! you'd better get your other dimensional ass in gear! Rwos, take down your buddy thing.... whatever...

*Sneers at Duncan. Something was odd about this guy. he couldn't place it, but it wasn't the Force... something... else...*

You don't hear very well, do you buddy. you have to go through.. ME!
*Using the force, and his new powers, he accelerates quicker than any one before him, and slashes down at Duncan*

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