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((OOS: JM, I'm assuming Greer doesn't have any extranormal powers. If he does, tell me and I'll edit. [Because I assume he was farther away than RH Irvine, who couldn't have avoided getting hit] If he doesn't, his hands should be numbed but he won't be injured.

Scar: Up to you where exactly Irvine got hit.))

Gilian: ...Very well. Let's go! *Starr joins the vampire as she runs from the room, following the "scent" of the books*

*Duncan dodges Cracken's blow again. He turns to Irvine and fires point-blank at his chest. Irvine's saber clips the bolt, but it still hits.

Duncan begins to sidestep away, moving faster than humanly possible. As Cracken pursues him, he turns his crossbow on the nearest person - Greer - and fires. The glowing bolt hits and knocks the sword from his hands.

Another two bolts are sent at Gilian and Starr. The bolt clips the fleeing vampire in the back, but her body armor protects her. Starr is hit in the arm. Stunned, he looks at the neat hole in his flesh, not feeling a thing as the green "fire" around the bolt had numbed it somehow. His arm is immobile.

I should have sensed that...what is that man?

Another bolt is sent at Kalidor.

Two more bolts are fired at Deac.

All this happened in the space of about three seconds.

Sejhan stands watching above, K'Warra next to him.*

Sejhan: When he subdues know what to do.

*K'Warra's eyes twitch*

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