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A figure wrapped in a dark robe and hood walks into the cantina, and is somewhat surprised to find that the security droids usually by the door are now missing. Sensing no immediate danger to himself, he removes his hand from the small hilt hanging from his belt, made of Mandalorian Iron and capable of extending into a 2 metre indestructible pole, and then continues on his way towards the bar.

As he walks by, beings at booths and tables he passes stop drinking and conversing, and silenty watch the dark figure pass. There is an ominous air about him, a feeling of power restricted and rage contained, yet not an air of evil. Darth Malice had arrived, and everyone, Force sensitive or not could feel it.

Upon reaching the bar, he says "Bartender, a Qui-gon Gin please." The bartender, staring into the dark shadow of the mans hood is speechless and doesn't answer. Malice slowly reaches up and pulls back his hood to reveal shoulder length brownish-blond hair and five horns in a triangular arrangement on his forehead. His face was long and thin, covered in a thick stubble, and his piercing eyes were two different colours, the right orangish red, the left forest green. A large scar ran over his right eye, from his forehead to level with his nose.

Again he asked "Bartender, a Qui-gon Gin please...", but with a slight mental nudge in order to wake the bartender from his stupor. The bartender shook off his daze, and began fixing the drink. He came back with a tall glass which was set ablaze, green liquid inside with a high green flame coming out of it, making it look like the Lightsabre blade of the Jedi Master it was named for.

Malice extinguished the flame on his drink and then stretched out with the Force, looking for his friend who had invited him here. He spotted Darth Groovy in a booth in the far corner of the cantina, with his right arm around a blue Twi'lek, and his left around a Mirialan. Malice smiled slightly, then gently shook his head and quietly said to himself "It's got to be the horns. The ladies just love the horns..." Darth Groovy raised his right arm to wave his friend over and Malice could barely hear him yell "REB!" over the loud banter of the patrons of the cantina. Reb raised his right hand and half waved, half mock saluted to his brother-in-arms of the Academy Wars, and his friend of many years.

Reb looked back to the bartender and said " A T'ssolok for the Twi'lek, a Danaru for the Mirialan, and a Blue Milk, shaken not stirred, for my Zabrak friend". The bartender mixed the drinks and placed them along with Reb's drink on a tray. Reb tossed a few credits on the counter with a rather generous tip, then picked up the tray and walked over to join his friend for a night of drinking, laughter, and stories of "the good 'ol days"...

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