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Good profession ?


I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum to ask this, but i'm leaving for a couple of days and just quick wanna know this...

I havent started playing the game yet, since i havent got it yet :P ... but i've tried to see my character before starting the game, and it'll look like this:

Race:Zabrak. Starting profession:Marksman - Master Rifleman , Master Pistoleer , Master Scout.

Is that a good "combo" ? I'm thinking i just wanna be a good combat guy, close and ranged, but thought that with all the the dead things i kill, i might as well be able to make some money by selling the bones and hides to artisans.(Which im able to trough scout right?) and the terrain bonuses is a good thing to i guees , and be able to make camps. Am i so wrong about this or is there abit good in what i'm thinking ? :S any help appreciated.
Again sry if its the wrong place to ask but i suck at forums
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