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Yes, except 1v1 is sort of boring unless there's some CRAZY mode on it. In 'Points for weapons', you get to essentially pick your own weapons scheme, where each weapon is worth a certain number of points, and you have 100 points to use up, and you set that in the team options, like the special weapon. That means that everyone has different weapons which is sort of fun. but it might not be.

crazy mode number two is the mode where you get 10 seconds to do stuff and firing a weapon doesn't end your go, but it usually deteriorates into lobbing a million grenades and forming a wide tunnel downwards, concrete-donkey style.

or I could be wrong and 1v1 is fine and dandy. shame we can't record demos or take screenshots, though. I tried with Hypersnap DX and when you take the screenshot, it seems to sort of half open in the background, and worms really doesn't like that and then goes crazy.

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