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I Think it's about time someone added to this.

Firstly, some people sometimes get problems where they have no voice or music in their game and when it gets to the pirate singing bit, the game freezes with them saying the first line and that's it.

If you find there's no sound, music or cutscenes where they should be, the best thing for you to do would be to give the game back to the shady man in the dark glasses, beat your money out of him and the buy a legitimate copy of said game.

We do not offer technical advice for problems encountered with pirated games. Want to fix the problem? Buy the game.

Secondly, on EFMI, (spoiler alert) people seem to constantly be getting problems on Monkey Island where they throw just about everything at Herman and yet the game does not progress as it should. This is a common problem and is easily fixed and/or avoided although it is at the same time extremely annoying.

To avoid it, first, make sure you hit herman with the right objects, in the right order. This is of course hard when you play this for the first time and don't know what to throw at him or in which order to throw the things at him which is why there is the solution to the problem.

Basically, if you come to a point where you've done everything right and Herman still remembers nothing, then you're going to have to reload the game to anytime before you've thrown anything at Herman and then play on from there, following the "Avoiding" description above. This can prove annoying when you haven't saved for a while which is why I urge you to save as often as possible (seperately, not one on top of the other). If this doesn't work, you are going to have to re-start a new game and play through completely, which again can be very annoying, but has to be done. If that doesn't work, download the patch decribed in the post above and if it still doesn't work, take the game back and buy another one (although it hardly ever comes to this, infact, i've not known of anyone who had to restart the game, so most of the time, the first one works).

Hope this helps.

Okay, so this problem arose again and was fixed with throwing each item at Herman multiple times. I've not tried this solution myself, but it may be worth trying before doing the solution stated above.


Can hint givers please give hints? Unless requested, full walkthroughs spoil the game for players and are frowned upon around here so please give hints only and not full walkthoughs.

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