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*Commander Ivan begins walking in a face pace to the command centre, the private gets pushed to the side.*

Ivan "Don't bother me, I know, I heard the explosions..."

*The Private studders a bit, then follows.*

*Command centre

*Ivan walks in.*

Ivan "What the hell is going on here!?"

Officer at post "Sir, the patrols detected a small group just outside sector 3, then we lost contact. Soon after there was a few AP-ST's deployed then destoryed via missle fire from sector 4."

Ivan "On who's authority??"

Officer at post "Mine, sir."

Ivan *snearing* "You've made a bad choice." *Turns to private.* "Corporal, bring him to the armoury, have him equip himself with standard gear, and deploy him into the field."

*The private, now strangely promoted, excorts the recently demoted, off to be fitted as a Stormtrooper...*

Ivan "Deploy the troopers, wipe the rebels out..."

*The stormtroopers that was sent out earilyer were redirected, and begining to advance on the resistence members...*

Ivan "How's the automated security?"

New Officer at post "Running as ordered."

*Ivan sits down into a chair in the middle of the room, relaxing...*

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