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Originally posted by ASk
We have neither, except the root.xsi which is in the SDK, and the .scn files, which are the raw version of root.xsi

As far as I know, the original XSI's are more than 700mb of data, and I do not know of anyone that has them either.
I think we might be able to provide them, if someone was brave enough to try to use them and had enough space on their hard drive (would end up needing a couple gigs free at least, I think). I think James offered them to a few people before who were struggling with the anim problem when JK2 came out.

Originally posted by ASk
We do not have the .car file, rather, I looked at the bone structure and added the PCJ's manually, and the scale is taken from the humanoid gla.
We could easily provide that, along with Assimilate.

Originally posted by ASk
This project's purpose is to enable modders to add new animations to JK2's humanoid gla (and from what I have seen, adding new animations to JA will be even more straightforward). I believe there are plans to strip all the non-mp related animations from the .gla, but that will be done using tools made by Wudan. However as it is now, this project adds new animations, it does not delete any.
Well, you have to, at best, replace anims, unless you're going to do code changes, too, to add new animation slots.

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