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What we need:

Here is a list of things that ASk and me we'll be needing to make a ready-to-make-animations skeleton:

- the base humanoid skeleton with all the bones (if it doesn't have all of them I'll create them as I did with JO) you used for JA, in dotXSI.
- the humanoid animations file for SP and MP to look for the correct hierarchy and bone linking order.
- a humanoid Ghoul2 model to preview stuff, unskinned if you like, we don't need that.
- the .car file used to compile the humanoid animations file should saves us some time.
- the tools used to compile a new gla/glm combo: like the xsi exporter/importer, carcass and assimilate, to make correct dumps of the skeletons.
- any extra info on the tools or the gla transformation matrices you wanna add would be most welcome.

That's it I think .

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