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((The Darkest Hour? How very vague of you, Deac

Cracken: I'm assuming that Lord Cracken and Starr haven't followed the group, unless you say differently.))


*At a hospital empty of living beings, the group along with medical droids unsuccessfully try to stabilize Deac's condition as Rwos arrives*

Rwos: None of this is looking good. I've successfully regained 99% of the memories that whatever controlled the Guardian tried to suck out of my head, but we haven't been able to further decipher any of the Blood Scroll prophecies. And now this...

Gilian: *sizing up Kalidor* You're a cyborg as well... Ever heard of this "Hilth" fellow?

*As she speaks to Kalidor, Rwos takes out another comlink and puts in a transmission requesting to speak to Deac's family lawyer immediately*


Warp Space

*Farran continues to prod Aren* What about the sun being blocked out over Coruscant? Did you people engineer that?

Aren: No, but we know who did.

Farran: Who?

Aren: *smiling* This is an interesting time for this galaxy, Ariel. A storm is coming, and if you want to weather it...frankly, your best bet is with us.

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