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((OOS: BD, Deac may or may not be dead in four hours sure you want to time-skip two weeks?

If so, I guess the rest of us will be playing catch-up then. ))


Rwos: My name is Termand Rwos. I need to see Deac Starkiller's last will and testament. He has told me that a message for me is there. No, he isn't dead, but in a coma suffering from an unknown disease, and I need to learn how to save him.


Warp Space

Aren: *to Kioet* You'll see. We wouldn't want to spoil the surprise - but I can tell you it isn't the last one. We wouldn't want to get rid of you just as soon as we'd hired you, would we?

Farran: I'll agree to help you - on a limited basis - on one condition. *looks at Kioet* You tell me what he is.

*Aren smiles* Of course. He is a young Trandoshan of the---

Farran: No, there's something more. You and I both know it. I want to know what he is.

*Aren pauses for a moment. Then she smiles* You didn't know? I would have thought it obvious by now...he is one of the Sleepers.

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