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[Hmmm...the time skip, can't really be done, can it?]

Lawyer: You match the description of Termand Rwos. I suppose I can let you see it

*Rummages through disks, and places it in a holoproj*

Deac: The Last Will and Testament of Deac Starkiller:

All power and dominion, and lands of Atredis, I hereby bequeth onto my Aunt Errela and her descendants, unless it can be proven beyond any resonable doubt that I have descendants, in which case it shall go unto them.

My Ship, the Deac Star, still sitting in Tatooine Docking bay 69, I bequeth to Orthos, my nephew. I also bequeth him my lightsabers.

My apartement on Tatooine, I bequeth unto Termand Rwos. Use it well, my friend.

And also, I know this will cause great shock to you all, but there is a chest buried under said apartment, which is to be delivered unto Syrnl Darkstar and his descendants *Deac winks, knowingly*

I have but one final request. I ask that my killer be found, and whatever vengeance required exacted.

This is Deac Starkiller, signing off, for the final time...

*Recording Ends*

Lawyer: I guess that means this deed is for you, Mr Rwos. By the way, it carries a note. It seems to be the co-ordinates for some land on Atredis. I guess he wanted you to have some of his holdings as well. I hope that clears everything up. I am sorry fo your loss.

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