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Rwos: Thank you...perhaps it will.

*Rwos ends the transmission. He brings up the transmitted copy of the deed and opens the note*

Rwos: The coordinates are on Atredis alright...pity I don't have a beacon there. *to Gilian* I'm going to Deac's apartment on Tatooine. If anything happens, contact me via my communicator.

Gilian: What exactly is going on? And how well did you know this human, anyway? He put you in his will? You never mentioned that...

Rwos: Deac isn't stupid. He obviously anticipated this would happen. There are two things that could be clues in that message. One is the chest for Syrnl, second is these coordinates. I can only assume there's some hint about Geran Hilth in there. I'm going to Tatooine first to find the chest, since I can get there faster. *He takes out a beacon* I'm sending my ship here. Once I come back from Tatooine, I'm going to use it to get to Atredis.

Gilian: Wait! You still haven't told me what the information the Guardian took was---

Rwos: First things first. I'll be back as soon as I can. *Rwos walks away, vanishing in a flash of blue light as he goes*


Warp Space

Farran: What is a Sleeper?

Aren: You mean neither of you know...

Farran: Obviously, no.

*Aren looks at Farran, then Kioet, then back again*

Aren: Interesting.

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