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*Cracken and STarr watches the group go off, and a shuttle lands infront of them*

My apprentice, for now, follow them. protect Rwos, for he can solve our problem with Alys. After they get Deac back "On-line" bring him to me.

*Cracken turns and enters the shuttle. It takes off, and heads for the Devastator, still in orbit around Coruscant. The shuttle lands in his private docking bay, and as he exits, Admiral Karrak and G.Admiral Tojo greet him.*

Tojo: My lord, it's...

Cracken: Dispense with the plesentries commander, where is my son.

Tojo: *shocked* we have him detained in the state room, as you ordered, my lord.

Cracken: Very well. Tojo, take the Devastator to Bilbringi. Karrak.

Karrak: Yes, my lord?

Cracken: Head back to Ulla Shardes, and level the planet, i want nothing left of it.

Karrak: Yes, my lord.

*WIth that, Cracken went to his personal state room, leaving the two Admirals in wonder. but one did not survive long in the Imperial Navy by questioning orders. The Devastator lept to hyperspace, the last Imperial ship to leave Coruscant space.

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