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((*avoids overly specifying stuff on Kamino just in case something happens to it in Episode III* ))


*Rwos examines the pictures*

Augtronics Clinic, Kamino? Kamino...

*Rwos checks the location in his datapad*

Location Not Found [Kamino Not Found, Augtronics Clinic, Kamino: No Match]

Damn. Maybe there's coordinates somewhere around here...

*Rwos notices the shifty rug. With his tail, he moves it out of the way*


Warp Space

Aren: Perhaps we could resume this conversation later? *She hands Farran a datapad with a set of coordinates, and another to Artemis and Kioet*

Aren: If you want answers, if you accept our offer, be there in a week. Kioet, your requests will be accounted for by that time unless you've changed your mind.

*The doors of the small room slide open*

Aren: You know the way to your ship. Please, consider carefully. *She smiles*

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