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*Cracken enters his new office on board the Devastator, and throws his cloack onto a cloak hanger. he sits down, and looks at the neat pile of datapads and reports he needed to read. he started to go through them. Costs, budget deficits, and......hmm... the new Republic had a war on THIER hands. sems like they tried to lay waste to Coruscant. Interesting. he though and decided that he would support neither. he looked out onto Bilbringi, and saw a Republic cruiser being build. He called in Tojo.*

Tojo, halt production of all republic craft. i wish to remain neutral in thier conflict. Have the cruisers scrapped and sent to... you know where.

*Tojo nodded, and left. Cracken continued to mull over reports, requests, and and slowly, the pile got smaller and smaller. a comm light went off at his desk, Military secured channel. he pushed a button. Karrak*

Admiral Karrak: My lord, the bombardment has begun. Testing of the Immolation bombs is in progress. the world will be reduced to ashes.

Cracken: excellent. make sure everythign dies and no-one survives. Do not fail me, Admiral.

*Cracken keyed off the comm, cutting the transmission. He sighed, and looked out the window. the most powerful man in the galaxy, and here he was, tied to a damned desk. He shook his head, and decided it was time to deal with the one person whom he wished was on Ulna Shardes.

Irvine, his son.

he went to his private docking bay, and entered his shuttle. It tok off, and headed for Bilbringi Maximum Security Prison.*

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