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*Bilbringi Maximum Security Prison*

*Irvine's confinement was him locked inside a room where he is suspended in mid air spining ever so slightly, with his arms and legs tight to his sides, all inside a glowing field. Nutrition was only given intravenously.*

*He can remember when the gaurds came into his room where eh was held temperaly captive, the room was dark, red gaurds were dead, which Irvine couldn't remember when and how he killed them. The yasimari hid from him, but the influence was still there. Guards came in, Irvine fought through a few guards before stun bolts fired and hit him in the sides, later when he came to, he was in the room.

The guards whom transported him had kept him under. Now Irvine keeps wondering when he'll might have the time to make his phone call, in a jokingly sense, but he still thought if he wasn't in such a recked mess when the guards came in, he'll get free becuase his training would have proven him that.*

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