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Sensor: sir, we're detecting a large energy anomoly.. wait... it's a super laser! SIR!

*By then, it was too late, the Star Destroyer on the port side of the Vengence as destroyed.*

Karrak: tell all commands to keep moving. Instruct bombers to begin strafing runs. *he looked down. 0:10 read the timer* Launch second wave, all ships, launch second wave! Have the Vengence launch at the origin of that Superlaser!!!

*Again, the Vengance launched five more Immolation bombs, all toward teh area of the origin of the super laser. One would be enough, but 5 insured destruction. the rest of the fleet followed suit, yet thier fire was more random. They brought the number of the devastating weapons to 35. (Seven ImpStar Dueces left)

Surface side, Turbolaser fire had been ransacking the plant for the last ten minutes. Explosions and green death rained from he sky. Suddenly it stopped.

And suddenly, thier was a bright light. One of the bombs exploded in a city, ripping at the infastructure, creating winds of un-imaginable insensity. The heat was unbearable, seearing paint off of speeders, if they were left standing, and Durasteel became liquid in seconds. After the light had subsided, wild fires unlike any before burned out of control, carried by the high winds the bomb created, and the fires fueled. They spread at increadible speed, burnign everything they touched.

And around the planet, 4 more hit.

with 40 more on the way.

and the turbolasers began to hit again.

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