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*As Cracken departs his shuttle at the prison, a com officer hurries up to him*

Cracken: what is it.
Com Officer: priority message from the Republic rebels.

*Cracken swipes the data pad, and reads it*

Cracken: irrelevent. Tell him i already made my desicion, and all Republic craft at all the ship yard are being dismantled and turned to scrap. Also inform him i have my own problems to deal with, and that I won't be helping either side.

Com Officer: at once, my lord.

*The Com Officer hurries away, and the Chief of Security walks up to Cracken. He begins to speak, but Cracken begins to choke him through the Force*

I find your apparent inability to transport one Force deprived boy safely... dissapointing.
*The chief struggles for breath, but collapses dead on the deck floor*
Where is the Deputy Chief.

Deputy Chief: here my lord.
Cracken: Show me to my son, Chief.
*The new Chief of Security nods, and shows Cracken to the cell.*
Cracken: Open it.
*Two Red Guad open the cell and flank Cracken. Cracken winces for a moment, and looks at his son. The Ysalimari are still alive. That was good. 5 Stormtroopers also enter, and take up positions around the room, rifles pointed at Irvine.*

Cracken: *To Irvine* Explain yourself. Now.

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