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((um...claiming? No, no, no, let's *not* start that. ("I play Luke better than you!" "But I claimed him first!") Just remember here, play anybody horrifyingly out of character and Deac and I may just have to kill you

By the way, who here has played Knights of the Old Republic? Already I've seen
the same thing happening to Taris that happened to Ulna Shardes
, and what's probably Deac's great-great-great-great-great (etc) grandfather - Bendak Starkiller, a retired arena duelist who had never been beaten in the ring.

Scar, since you don't control a character capable of getting off the planet, why did you post that last post? also...what were you saying about Mon Mothma? She isn't a Jedi...))


*Gilian reads the line displayed on the datapad*

Gilian: What leaders? What's going on here?



*Rwos hurridly leads Hilth out of the building and heads for his ship, just ahead of his attackers*

Rwos: You're going to have to tell me what's going on here!

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