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[Well, the name Starkiller is fairly commonly used [See early Star Wars scripts- you'l even find a DeaK Starkiller (one line, deleted scene "Oh no! Not again! Forget it!"), Rebel Moon Rising]]


Hilth: I don't know! Starkiller has enemies, doesn't he? Maybe someone doesn't want him getting better. Do you have a ship? Can you get me offplanet so I can help him?


Ulna Shardes

*Lokpihet sits in a burnt out ruin of the tower, a new sun shining in the sky. He walks to his ship, hidden in a underground hangar and moves to the comm unit*

Lokpihet: So much for your clean image , Cracken. Now everyone in the Republic will know what you did...


Galactic Newsnet

Newscaster: And in more disturbing news, all life on Ulna Shardes was destroyed by the Imperial Loyalist Fleet today. The new Immolation Bombs were used to destroy vast civiliation population centres among the military structures. Whilst the damage to the seperatists may have been justified, is Emperor Cracken showing shades of his father's darker side? And should the Republic be allying itself with-
*The Newscaster touches his earpiece and looks shocked.*

This just in! 38 worlds in and surrounding the Atredis system in the mid rim have declared indepandance from the Republic. Lord Talken Flax is said to be involved, along with other major leaders from the area. The Neo Republican Front claims that the Senate was prepared to destroy all life on Coruscant during the recent state of emergancy, and has such decided to take action. We will present more news as-

*The transmission cuts, to be replaced by the NRF symbol*

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