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((No, jIrvine is in Bilringi Maximum Security Prison, with Ysalimari keeping him from using the Force. Just like onboard teh Devastator. Since Irvine being interrogated, and Cracken has walked into a force deprived room, he brought in four Elite Royal guards, and 5 Stormtroopers.))

* a Tech officer walks in* My lord, there's......

*Cracken walks over, and punches the officer in teh face*
Cracken: Interrupt my interrigation again, and when i walk out this cell, your life will be forefit, understand?

*The tec gets up off of the floor, wiping his bloody and broken nose. He stated at the Dark Lord, and nodded, and ran to the medical bay in frieght. Cracken walked back over to Irvine, threw him to the ground, and began to step on his neck*

Cracken: *with much anger*Now, boy, explain your reasoning behind rising against me, and i might be kind to end your life quickly rather than slowly.

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