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*Nar Shadda*

*A Senator, one whom was elected sometime after the Galatic Civil war, and was a former commander for the Rebellion, sits in his reading chair in his now burning home with a spherical burn stright through his chest.

Outside a man in Jedi-liek robes staggers carring his lightsaber with one hand and the other pressed agenst his own head, like he was suffering from some sort of wound, or mental illness.*

*Further away at another senator's house the very same later that night.*


*Ackbar Memorial Hospital*

*Sir'din walks up the stairs, and towards Deac's room. Halfway there he is struck by a severe headache, a nurse who walks up asks if he needs assistence, the headache subsides. He replys in a semi eerie way "I'm fiine, thank you." The nurse rolls her eyes and walks on. He still hasn't caused enough distraction to alert the others yet, he walks into the room calmly.*

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