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*Cracken pauses, and looks to the nearest officer*
I'm taking a gamble. Kill the Ysalimari, now.

*The Officer nods, and waves to his men, whom leave the room. Blaster fire is heard from ajoining rooms, and the Force flowed back into Cracken, energizing him. He takes his boot off of Irvines neck*

Cracken: Get up. Once you've composed yourself, these men will see you to my private shuttle, where we will go to the Devastator. I need to go to a location, a place I have found in my fathers journals and his Holocron, and would like you to go with me, however. *his eyes narrow* The Dark Side is oppersive thier, you Jedi skills will be no match for the power of the Dark Side there.

*Cracken turns, and hurries to the command center. He looks at the tec officer whom nose he had broken earlier.*
What is it.

Tec: My lord, news of Ulna Sharrdes's destruction has reached HoloNet broadcasters, and unless an official statement is released, we'll be pegged as...... wait....
*The Tec punches up the lastest over a now pirated HoloNet signal, being broadcast over Coruscant.*

*The Galactic Newsnet*

Soldier: Is this on? It is! All New Republic Citizens! Our true leaders are being held hostage and killed! It's the fault of a group of senators that live close to Imperial Space! Now they're taking out our military leaders....

*The transmission goes silent*

Cracken: Wonderful, our spy station on Coruscant is working, however, i am displeased at these events.
*He turned to the neares comm officer* Take dictation.

I, Emperor Cracken Palpatine, take no side in the Republic Civil War. As proof, ALL Republic craft are being dismantled and truned to scrap for the rest of the Empire's use.

Concerning Ulna Sharrdes, it was a research planet for various technologies, geared to the development of more devastating superweapons more powerful than the Crimson Star. I took it upon myself for Galactic stability to level the planet and all research on it. It was necessary for peace within the galaxy.

And the Empire has retreated well within her boarders. blaming the death of several senators will on the Empire makes no sense, and if i wanted someone dead, I'd do it myself or send my apprentice to do it. I have reason to believe it is a clone of my son, or Starr., as some troubling information from my fathers notes has indicated he has several.... projects now coming to fruition that i was unaware. The Empire will deal with these renegage projects not for the protection of the Republic, but because it is an internal affair.

*He waved his hand, indicatin gfor dictation to stop* Send that all across the galaxy, make sure every sentient being see's it, ot hears it. *He heads to the shuttle, hoping his son is there first, if the boy is as strong as he thinks*

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