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Rwos' Ship

Hilth: Deac told me everything. Truth is, I already knew something bad was about to happen when I saw his immense molecular damage. Having an Avatar adds a third and fourth helix to human DNA, and having it ripped's a wonder he survived this long. When it's properly removed, it doesn't do too much damage, but it was never repaired. He's going to need major genetic remodification. But that's not all. Truth is....


Flashback/Alternate Universe/ Around Cantina 7

*Syrnl Darkstar stands before Hilth*

Hilth: I'm afraid there's major molecular damage to your DNA. When it was removed...

Syrnl: Better out than in. How long.

Hilth: Six months. If you survive your campaign in your home universe, you probably won't live to return. I'm sorry.

Syrnl: I have no intention of returning. When all my forces return, seal the portal and destroy it.


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