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*They board the shuttle, the Guard falling in behind him. Cracken sits down, and motions for Irvine to sit*

Cracken: Pilot, the Devastator.

*The shuttle subtley moves, and Cracken turns his attention to his son*

Now, i have felt your presense in two different places, one light, i assume you, and the other dark, i assume this..... man whom is galavanting around the galaxy as you. Tell me, is he indeed a clone of you? a product of a project my father started years ago? and what other "Research" has my father started that's just now coming to fruition if you know of any.

Also, what is the extent of your training. i must know if you wish to come with me planet side to... *he searches his memory for an instant* yes... Korriban, the resting place of many ancestors of ours. *he smiles at that thought*

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