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Irvine "First question, I believe it so, I went to him in person, disguised. That was before he started becoming what he is now, from what I can tell." *Pauses for a second to think, then he shakes his head.* "No I don't know of any research, I've practically have grown up on Chi, a plant in what you call the unknown regions."

Irvine *Sighs* "As for my training, I have gone through trials,..." *smiles* "From what I know, the one's I've gone through are more tougher then what Skywalker would ever put out. but anyway, I wasn't notified if I had passed, we got alot of busy people with little time to do things."

*Irvine thinks for a bit*

Irvine "Wasn't Emperior Palpatine killed by Ankin Skywalker on the second Death Star? Pity..." *Just remembers who Emp. Palatine was...* "Oh, forgive me." *Respectfully bows while appologises.*

*An Image of a dark hall fulled with places for the deceased, all for the Palpatine family. Names on grave stone continue to show, up to recent decentants, Palatine, Cracken, then Irvine. This was in Irvine's head, he shook it off.*

Irvine "Do I have a marker set for my body?"

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