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*Cracken narrowed his eyes* My father, your grandfather, would bemost displeased with your tone. but yes, Anakin SKywalker, also Darth Vader, betrayed YOUR Grandfather at Endor.

*The Shuttle landed in an opulent docking bay. The Stormtrooper commanders lined up in perfect rows, General Mieko flanking Grand Admiral Tojo. As Cracken and Irvine exited the shuttle, the sound of Stormtrooper boots and guns moving into the attention position echoed through the room. Cracken walked up to his military leaders, and after they bowed, he motioned for them to walk with him*

Cracken: I heard Ulna Sharrdes was immolated, send Admiral Karrak my congradulations on a job well done.

Tojo: what now, my lord.

Cracken: Set a course for a planet called Korriban. *Cracken pulls out a small holoprojector from under his cloack. He flicks it on, and shows Tojo* There. it should be there. Send a message to my apprentice that he should bring Rwos there and meet me planet side.

*Tojo nodded, and took the small holoprojector* Tojo: what about the boy?
Cracken: He's no harm to us. Have the guards show him to his room.

*Tojo nodded, and looked at the Red Guard, who started leading Irvine to his room. Cracken stalked off to his private chambers, thinking...*

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