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Rwos Ship

Hilth: He wasn't modified, he just had a few injections of midi-chlorians which were programmed by nanites to reproduce themselves. I should know...I was there........


Imperial Avatar Facility

*Hilth is working at a console before a cylindrical tank, sealed by blast doors*

CyberEyes: Have the nanites taken up position?

Hilth: Uh...yes sir.

CyberEyes: Begin the injections.

Hilth: Sir, this could kill-

CyberEyes: Hilth, your "ethical inflexability" is starting to bother me. Either do it or you'll lose your position and be detained.

*Hilth complies*


Hilth: So you see, CyberEyes had something far worse than just artificial jedi in mind. Syrnl wasn't acting for the Emperor that time, he didn't even know. There was a major conspiracy to remove him from power, and Deac was to be a superweapon.

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