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*The child sits behind Lokpihet, staring at the ground...*


*Ackbar Momorial Hospital, ICU*

*Sir'din thinks for a moment.*

Sir'Din "Why not."

*Sir'din follows O'Connel down to the ground level.*



*The female Jedi whom released Spook, approches Master Ho'joan, she bows.*

Ho'joan "Ah, Miss Sir'Faye what bring you here, I sense some consern in you?"

Faye "Yes, It's been over a week since Irvine has checked in. I'm worried."

Ho'joan *After taking a deep sigh* "You see Irvine went out to seek his destiny, so to speak. It'll be his decision to follow it in which way he believe's is right."

Faye *Worried voice* "But I care so much about him, I don't know what'd happen if he goes to the Dark Side."

Ho'joan "You're too concerned. And fear for him, although it isn't nessesarly a bad thing, but if you put too much time in fear for his life,... No his fate, yours might will go along with his as well. Don't take me wrong, I even worry for Irvine too, he is looked up to by meny apprentences here because of his poetential, but keeping a clear set mind off of things has to be a priority for someone in my position. And should be for yours too."

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