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I recall seeing some in the DF mod forum, and yes, it is better

I loved the different atmospheres each level had. I mean, Talay was purple, Anoat brown, Gromas red, Anteevy white, and Jabba's ship orange. Ramsees Hed, Nar Shaddaa and Ergo Fueling station conveyed that dark, criminal infested slum with a few Imperials on official business.

My one complaint is the levels that are interior, Imperial bases, got a bit repetetive with the dull gray wall textures (of course they were, JO suffered in this respect alot more though) Secret Base, Fest, Orinackra, Executor, and the Arc Hammer are the ones I mean. Of course, each of those (save the Executor, my least favorite level in the game) had a unique locale. Fest's gray cliffs, Orinackra's dark exterior, and the Arc Hammer for the crazy factory enviroment.

I loved the covertness of it. I know you go through the game, guns a blazing, but the idea of going through heat ducts, sewers, hyjacking ships.... This was all new to me. It is truly one of the top 5 SW games of all time. It ranks second on my all time favorite game list (yes, KotOR is that good )

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