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*Greer's datapad beeps, a message has arrived.*


From: N-R-I-Alpha

To: *Insert Greer's code name.*

You have been one of the most trusted agents in the NR Military. This message cannot be traced. The politictal situation in the Senate is FUBAR, the military now comes under dirrect and exclusive control of the Senate Defence Commity. Chief of State Solo is under house arrest, "For her own protection".

Get out and get anyone else you trust out as well.

Before you do I have one final mission for you though: Admiral Ackbar and General Madine are being held in the Left wing of the Imperial Palace. The presise location is in the attached data packet.

Get them out Greer, we're going to need them.

A. Cracken


*Cracken closes his own datapad.*

Cracken: Time to go, Pash.

*Pash Cracken checks the charge on his DL-54 blaster again and turns to the two pilots he brought with him.*

Pash: Last chance, you could say we knocked you out.

Pilot: No way sir, we're not going in with another Empire.

Cracken: Alright, I've dissabled the security messures, it should take time to re-route.

*Pash takes a deep breath and opens the door.*

Fly Fast,
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